June 19, 2007

I Have A Date for the Fourth!!

I have kinda mentioned that I have a thing for redheaded singers, and I haven't even mentioned one. One that got me through the very rough time in eighth grade when Eric broke up with me. And no one wanted me. No one! I was single, at 13! A sure sign that I was gonna be a crazy cat lady when I grew up....but I was comforted that another carrot top was suffering as well:

Oh, Tiffany. Thank you for all that you gave me. I will be waiting for you at the casino....I hope you can handle our fashion here.

P.S. I Had to add this song...Check it out, she has some awesome dance moves in her long wedding dress. And the synthesizers! And HEY was that video taken at the bar down the street from my house? Sure looks like it!


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