March 23, 2008

A Preview

I drafted a post today and have decided to hold onto it for now. This is rare for me. Typically, I throw up words in a rush and post them immediately. I am posting this just to get something out so I don't literally throw up.

I am delaying the post for two reasons. Firstly, it isn’t a complete thought on a topic. It rambles a bit and is really just a preview of something I expect to discuss in greater detail later. Secondly, I am a bit nervous about discussing this subject here.

I am quite irreverent on this blog.

The topic at hand is a big one. I can’t imagine it being a controversial topic. There isn’t a sole alive that could be in support of it.

My fear is in being too serious here and offending some with the topic that will startle and since it is primarily women that read my blibbity blabberings, it may be offensive to raise such a topic and provide my thoughts on it.

The ugly side of a tradition we have all grown up with. A token that surely we all have spent time thinking about. Something some of us are probably quite in love with.

Let’s just broach it oh so carefully.

I am reading this book from Fianna’s Reading List.

March 16, 2008

With the Warming Temperatures...

Bamboo Season Begins...

There was more....

Buy yours here or at most pet stores. I swear by it.

March 15, 2008

Low Talky

This week has kicked my ass. The last 3 weeks have kicked my ass. And before that? We were moving, which kicked my ass.

I am an introvert. Too much activity freaks me out. Too much talky-talky. Too many people. Not enough Ahhhh-oooommmm. Alone time. Chill and stare at the wall time.

I am at That Point. Where I am just beat down. I just want to wrap myself in my little cocoon and not talk to anyone for awhile. I want to spend the weekend in my PJ’s, drinking coffee. Doing nada. Spend time with the only human I really want to spend time with right now. And not talk. And not listen. And just be quiet.

To get Me back. To become level again.

However, let’s see…my boss wants me to go to work today. I am not going because I stayed there until 9:30 last night in order to avoid working today. I expect his call any minute asking where I am. I will probably not answer.

I then need to go to a friend’s kid’s first birthday party. I was so wishing this was tomorrow. Just so I could regain some balance and become a nicer person. However, I will go and smile and enjoy meeting the kid for the first time. It is waaaayyy over due.

And then. I plan on planting some herbs. Perhaps something flowery, and maybe a small tomato plant. Are there any small tomato plants?

I used to hate tomatoes. I was very much into tomato by-products. Tomato sauce, diced tomatoes, ketchup. Any processed tomato was acceptable. But I HATED fresh tomatoes. This has been going on since childhood. I did not eat tomatoes. One day, however, I decided to break out of the ordinary, quit doing the same thing, and ate a slice of fresh tomato that I was about to put on a pizza and bake it into oblivion in order to make it acceptable. And guess what. It was acceptable. In fact, it was downright tasty.

I did this a year ago with dairy. I decided maybe this self-imposed lactose ban wasn’t me. Maybe I really wasn’t lactose intolerant. Maybe my genes became strong and kicked that stupid deficient gene’s ass. I started eating dairy. Oh sweet baby Jesus. Cheese. Milk. Ice Cream. The Heavens opened up, it was amazing. However, I was wrong. That stupid lactose deficient gene is still partying it up with that vision impaired gene. They are winning. I am still blind and still lactose intolerant.

Point is though, I tried. I tried something that I had previously written off. I changed my thoughts and my actions to attempt something new. I went against what I felt I should do, what I had been doing for years, what was the most comfortable route.

So today, when all I really want to do is watch E! all day and the Celebrity Rehab reunion. I am instead going to get off my lazy butt, go buy some noisy brightly colored toy and spend time with humans. Humans I don’t see very often. A really small human that I can’t wait to meet. And just maybe, that is what I need more than anything I think I need.

I am still not going to work though.

March 13, 2008

My Testimonial

Have I mentioned how difficult New Mexico was? Did I mention how you could try and buy something? You would have money and wish to be parted with it. However, people wouldn’t take it. Be it an hour line at Wal-Mart to unavailability at a doctor’s office until 2011 to a lack of original chicken at KFC. When you left the comfort of your mold-ridden, 1970’s throwback apartment, you (and, of course, I mean me) knew that life was about to be difficult. You were going to have to get angry. And be aggressive. (BE AGGRESSIVE!! BE BE AGGRESSIVE!! Look at my imaginary Herkie!)

You knew you wouldn’t get what you want, when you want it, for the price you wanted it, how you wanted it.

The starkest contrast you can imagine is Mattress Mac.

Jim McIngvale is my hero.

Anyone in the Houston area is now saying ME TOO, ME TOO!

You go to his store. You cannot miss it. There are big signs and lots of lights and it is a huge building.

You walk in, say hi to the 17 people waiting to help you. They offer you a bottle of water. You can shake hands with Mattress Mac himself who is in the store every day despite being a gazillionaire. He answers phones, hands out water bottles, makes store announcements. Despite being 131 years old. (OMG! I just looked it up. He is actually just a year older than my dad. Ok, fine, he isn’t old, but all that crazy jumping in the 80’s TV commercials took their toll. Just saying.)

So..back to the story. You walk in. You are helped immediately. Offered a cold refreshing beverage. And are shown to what you want. Immediately.

There is a chick whose entire job is to walk around the store offering ice cream in a variety of choices. Ice Cream Sandwich? Push Pop? What is your poison? Can you imagine what an amazing job this is? I want her job.

When I was shown this apartment, I, for reals, stood in the stairway that leads into it, and held my hands at my hips and measured how much weight I could gain before I wouldn’t fit up the stairs. It isn’t much.

The stairway…is a problem.

We informed our furniture sales guru about our stairway and the lack of inch-age. He laughed. And we told him we were serious. And he may have frowned. But then…he showed us a couch. And another and another and another and 27 others.

And they would fit. Yes they would!

So we bought some furniture. A lot actually.

We tried to buy a couch in Dallas last year. We really wanted to buy one. We offered cash. We offered extended credit terms. We offered first borns. We wanted to give them a couple grand, but there was no way they would give us a couch without making us wait 3 weeks. We couldn’t buy a floor model. We were told to wait 3 weeks. No other choice. No couches to be had on the same day. They refused to take our money and give us what we wanted.

Gallery Furniture? They have billboards everywhere in Houston simply with the word Today.

Today? Today, you say?

If you buy before 10 P.M., you get your couch that day.

We left Gallery at 6 P.M. We went home. Cleaned up the place. Moved the camping chairs out of the way. And a few hours later, a knock on the door.

Professional, well-spoken, furniture delivery men dropped off all the furniture that we had bought just a couple hours earlier. They set everything up super quick. And disappeared like bandits.

This is what happened.

Begin Story:

We bought furniture. It was delivered a couple hours later.

End Story.

Mattress Mac is freaking genius. He offers quality products at a good price. He makes you comfortable in his store. His salespeople are professional, well-spoken, not pushy. He delivers the stuff you bought when you want it. He doesn’t make you wait if you need it right away. He will hold it if you aren’t ready.

He makes the entire buying process simple.

I wish more businesses followed such a simple business model. It really is amazing that I am blown away by his business.

Why is it so unique?

Give the customers what they want. They will come back for more. They will tell their friends and family. They will write blog posts about it.

It truly blows my mind that I am so blown away by this type of service.

Is it really that extraordinary? Why?

You give people what they want, in a friendly manner. The end.

So, tell me about your life? What customer service blew you away? What crappy service made you want to go psycho?

And Jag, if you are still alive, could you find some of the old school footage of Save You Money videos. I think Mac may have put a hit out on whoever had those. They are nowhere to be found on Youtube. This is the best compilation I could find with footage of the jumping.

March 6, 2008

Stop Stealing the Influenza Ridden Covers!

Has anyone else witnessed this whole flu sickyness going around this year? I feel like the remaining Indians (Native Americans) are all laughing at us whiteys, chortling their milk, thinking how awesome the revenge is. Smallpox? Fuck your smallpox. Here is some flu, bitches.

I have somehow remained immune to date; however, Not Craig nearly died and several peeps at work are suffering the Fluenza. Peeps that never get sick. It is like we are in the end times. Obama is gonna be prez and we are all dying off.

Thank goodness the writing strike is over. At least we can die with some good TV to watch.

Did you know there is a separate shot for pneumonia? I did not know this and feel that it may be a conspiracy to kill whitey. Or not. It is just a theory.

See what happens when Fianna works too much, plays too little and is surrounded by sick people and work drama? Stupid rambling posts.

If people would stop talking to me, I would have a lot more time to blog at work. Sorry folks. I am trying here.

In the meantime, don't get sick on me. We have to have an uprising against this Bird Flu crap.

Who's with me?



March 4, 2008

Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda

I was gonna post some pics. But the batteries in my camera are dead. Does the life of rechargeable batteries decline? I was surprised that they were dead already. Therefore, no pics for you.

I kinda wanted to add to my previous rant on the evilness of the snooze button. However, I thought better of it. I have enough teabags in my pantry, I didn’t need anymore in my life.

I woulda liked to discuss making breakfast on weekdays and see how others handle it.

Unfortunately, besides some bad grammar, I just don’t have any more time this morning to post.

Since I have committed to not be a bad employee and steal my company’s time by blogging at work or reading blogs at work or doing non-work related things at work because I am reading this book that I won from this awesome blogger, I just don’t have time in the morning to take pics, rant or discuss important matters of life.

Sorry. I am about halfway done with the book, after that, perhaps I will return to being the slovenly employee I was before. All this worky is exhausting!

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