April 15, 2007

Carolyn Wonderland

May I please take this post to introduce you to my all-time super favoritest singer, guitar-picker, yodeler, all around amazing musician - Carolyn Wonderland.

This is an old video, 1992. I was turned onto Carolyn around 2000. Hmm, I do not recall how I came across her, but after just one visit to see her at Last Concert Cafe, I was absolutely addicted. She had a standing Tuesday night gig and for years, I was there every Tuesday. She has since moved to Austin, another thing that I guess I need to make a tribute to (except for the damn birds. I hate you Austin birds).

She has incredible pipes, incredible... um ... guitar-ness, she can play a trumpet with ease, slide guitar, piano, recorder, saxophone and on and on. It is truly amazing that she is still primarily a Texas talent.

She has become a bit more political in recent years, and while I don't agree with her stance on some of those issues, her voice is still amazing and her talent is unbelievable.

So, that is my Carolyn tribute. I love her. Enjoy for yourself. And leave me a note about your own awesome music love. The band that you would love to tour with in a smelly bus, the musician that would make you leave your beloved, the band that brings you to tears while they put the biggest smile on your face, no matter what your mood.


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