April 29, 2007

Sunday Morning Coming Down

My head hurts. I had 2 Shiners last night. I am cornfused. This makes no sense. But, just perhaps, it wasn't the beers, it was seeing the latest in West Texas Cowboy Fashion.

You are gonna have to bear with me and use your imagination here. I have spent way too long looking for the exact type and color for technical accuracy here. I failed. So, imagine...the above style....the below color.

I saw these elf-y cowboy boots in lime green, orange and baby blue last night.

As a kid I loved helping my dad remove his cowboy boots each night. The little holes on the side fascinated me, I was weird, what? My dad has always worn boots. About 5 years ago, he got deck shoes for working in the yard in the summer. Can I tell you it was a bit frightening to see my dad's feet decked out in anything other than his well-worn cowboy boots.

I also lived in Houston for a very long time. I went to a lot of rodeo's. I went to a lot of dive country bars. Hell, I went to school, work and the grocery store.

I am quite familiar with cowboy boots is my point. I have nothing against most. There is something a bit comforting about them when worn properly. A feeling that the wearer of said boots is a just a good ole boy. Never meaning no harm.

But. Worn wrong. I get creeped. And these creeped me. And these do as well.

Cows are not orange. Ostriches are not blue. Stick with normal color please. And pointy shoes are for elves.

Although, I have to say, women passed this fashion on to the men. Why oh why were women wearing their own elf shoes just a season or two ago.

These shoes are really making my headache worse.

EDIT: I have revised the pictures in this post to reflect the true hideous nature of the boots. I learned on Sunday afternoon that the style of these boots originates from the Chihuahua area of Mexico. With that vital information, I have been able to provide a more accurate picture of the hideousity. /fianna


Sauntering Soul said...

Those are some fugly boots. I don't even know what to say.

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