June 27, 2007

Let Me Show You the World Through My Eyes

I am woman...watch me shop...

I know that when I am out at the various places I buy my Ebay wares, that I should be buying strictly for business. Only for others, not thyself. I pass on quite a few things that I desire. There, of course, have been times when I buy things for myself. However, more often than not, the things I end up keeping, are things that at the time, I had all intentions of selling, but get home and either can't figure out how to sell it, find that it just won't sell, or that it is worth nothing...or sometimes just fall in love....

So today, we shall have a picture show!

Welcome to my kitchen.

These trivets are so pretty.

You woulda thunk that I bought them as a set. You woulda thunk wrong. The bottom trivet was the first to join this household. It was so pretty, I snatched it up at an estate sale in Big City #1, approximately 2 hours away. This was an intentional "I want this" purchase. My house is varying shades of brown, which I am trying to brighten with various shades of red and orange. It sat alone on my counter for a long time, with no idea exactly where to put it. The top trivet, which I call the male trivet, joined our cozy shack just a week ago. I found this here in town, at a warehouse that a family is trying to empty out. I have found lots of treasures there so far...but to find the matching trivet! I was thrilled. I brought it home and hung these tout d'suite. What luck that I was able to obtain a matching set!

And for the wide shot, Yoda decided she needed to be in this pic.

Look at those sunflowers! Recently added to the baskets. There are cookbooks piled by Yoda that I have obtained from various sources over the years. The top one is a Better Homes and Garden Cookbook that is in a bit of rough condition and couldn't be sold. I also have one from my grandmother from 1947 that my mom almost threw out years ago.

I always shop alone. I can move faster, buy less. I have a system, man! But...on one trip to the Big City, the dear joined me as we dealt with the what seemed to be never-ending problems with his super bad-ass computer. I, of course, wanted to hit a few sales while there...and did. However, we picked up something for ourselves as well.

He spotted these bookends.

There were a similar set of horses, I was requested to make the final decision on which to buy...I decided on these. Yes...you spy a Houston Texans little mug or shot glass there...I am a die-hard long-suffering fan...that was also an intentional buy for the gentleman of the house. And . . . in order to keep it real...I did have to pre-clean this area. Here is the left of that table....

I sure wish I could sell the 12 pairs of sunglasses that are scattered around our place....And that is the remaining Jolt gum from this weekend's fun festivities of sleeplessness.

Unfortunately, although Sammy commented that I knit...I do not...I tried and failed. I do, however, sew an awesome pillow. A crafty project I have undertaken many a time. Here are the latest ...

Along with the two sewing bags I have also ended up with recently.

These both were bought with the intention of reselling. The knitting bag on the right was purchased full of old patterns that are available on Ebay now! The mushroom bag on the left was meant to be sold; however, it has a few spots where the plastic is worn so I decided not to post it. My original sewing bag can be seen at the very bottom of the Mushroom Bag...A Giraffe Print Kate Spade Handbag! Once upon a time, in a very scary part of Houston, there once was a Goodwill that sold all of its items for $1.00. The vast majority of my handbag collection came from this magical kingdom. I bought this particular bag specifically because it was a Kate Spade...but then noticed it was a kinda nappy material and turned it into a sewing receptacle. It was overflowing before I obtained the Shroom Bag.

My current dilemma is .... (oh the dilemmas I am plagued with...what should I eat for breakfast, should I shower today, when should I lay on the couch and watch TV....oh the stress!) which bag do I use? I am partial to the mushroom currently as it holds everything so nicely. If the knitting bag on the right, had the material choices reversed, it would win hands down. Check out the inside.

I love it! The outside is brown...and the brown-ness in my home is choking me to death. So I am not sure that bag will make it through my next Salvation Army run. Pray for it please.

And just off to the left of the couch...is stored a portion of the motherload, usually camouflaged with extra pillows.

And . . .now this is the part where Lady K shakes her head in disgust...the book stash.

We do not have bookshelves here...although we are prepared with the Saintly Bookends now! So...underneath my end table, we have stashed all the books that my dear ever used in his college years that he refuses to part with for some insane and illogical reason. Not that this bugs me..no ...of course not. But that is where you will find our books. Mine are nicely held in the box.

And wait...what is that cross stitch thing I spy....a post for another day!

Well folks, thanks for spending some time viewing my world. I am off to drive around town in my repaired go-cart. Braking for no other reason . . . than I can! BooYaa.

(Oh I am such a helpless white girl!)


Kaytabug said...

Is it just me or are those bookends extremely phallic? Well they are!

Yes, books are meant to be seen, displayed in all their beauty for the entire world to see. Not to be stashed all willy-nilly under an end table. I am not shaking my head at you as they are not your books, and they are textbooks. I give you kudos for knowing if you can not display your books properly to keep them in a box; until the day comes you are able to give them what they deserve!

Oh, that brown sewing bag is delovely, delightful! If it is headed in the direction of the nearest Salvation Army, please redirect it to Lady K’s thrift store of a home, pretty please!

Oh, I LOVE this song BTW!

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