June 7, 2007

Basketball Blahs

I love football. I like baseball. I tolerate bowling, curling, and aerial skiing. I hate basketball, tennis, NASCAR, track/field events in the Summer Olympics, um .... that is at least a good list to start with.

May I please reiterate. I hate basketball. Boring..... Why do I have to watch the entire damn game? Can't I watch the final 2 minutes only? Do I really, really, really have to watch every game of this series?

I was told that Yes I did have to watch every single game. Didn't I realize that this is Lebron James' long awaited finals debut. The Spurs are the only team worth their snot right now in Texas, so this is a very important series I was told. I was also told to quit making fun of Van Gundy. Oops!

In football and baseball, each score matters. Alot. The entire game can depend on that one score. I can watch football all weekend long and still want more. I can't really watch a baseball game for too, too long on TV. That gets a bit boring. But I used to work blocks from Enron Field and went to tons of games. The oranges in the train are a nice touch, but the name Minute Maid Park is kinda Gay. So, let's just call it Enron, now shall we?

(After review of this post, Not Craig has advised that I do NOT have to watch the games. I can take my computer into the bedroom. I can read a book in the bedroom. But each game IS going to be on our TV. Pray for a sweep!!)


Kaytabug said...

Blah Blah Blah... I feel ya, I cant stand to watch all the sports you mentioned...I feel so sorry for you, I am so blessed with my man who only LOVES Football!! nee ner nee ner!

Sauntering Soul said...

I HATE watching sports (especially golf and basketball). My ex-husband watched every sport that ever came on TV. That's one of the reasons I love living alone. And one of the reasons I heart Hot Brazilian - he has no use for sports.

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