June 11, 2007

Worky Work

My first paralegal job was at an IT consulting company. Shortly after 9/11, our business tanked as several of our largest clients went under. One by one, employees were laid off. The remaining employees started taking on multiple job duties and titles. Several people left knowing that the boat was sinking. I held on and held on. Through two separate mandatory weeks off, without pay. It was close to my house in a suburb of Houston. No commute, and the ability to go home at lunch is rarity in Houston.

During the second mandatory time off, I received a call from one of my main bosses on the 4th of July. The first thing I said to her was, “You can’t fire me while we are on vacation!” They can apparently. I was laid off. I quickly got my next job, the one that I left to move out here.

It was my one and only job separation that I was not in control of. I don’t change jobs frequently, but I always leave them. (Kinda like my men!)

Well, today I have a second job to add to the list. The job that I had for 3 hours. Well, in theory. I was supposed to start a job tomorrow. I was excited. It was a part-time gig. They were accepting of my short-term status. I was raring to go, ready to make the best of it. And then, the agency called to say nope, uh uh. Sleep in tomorrow.

Apparently, you can be let go on your vacation and when you haven’t started yet.



Sauntering Soul said...

Oh no. That's terrible. I am so sorry.

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