June 5, 2007

When in doubt, post pictures.
My brain hurts, not enough sleep recently.
Fred Thompson is a damn good candidate. Oh yea, and Rudy... 9/11, yea I have heard about it. Thanks. Could you discuss something else?

I really want Fred to be in the debates already. It makes me a bit nervous that he hasn't thrown his hat in yet. I wonder why he is waiting? What purpose does this serve? Why does he not want to join in the debates? Sure he is supposed to announce on Independence Day. Is there a reason for him not to get in now?


Jagular said...

Yes, he's very clever.
Fred Thompson hasn't announced yet simply because you want him to.
It's a whisper campaign at it's finest.

Fianna said...

So just l'il ole me is keeping the free world down. Again?

Kaytabug said...

Look at you and your picture takin' skills!! Love the tulip... let's go tip-toeing shall we?!

jagular said...

Yes, you are the one.
And by the way, you are doing a great job in preventing forest fires, too.

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