June 8, 2007

Fodder for Thought-er

I am not going into too much detail at this time on the following links. We used food stamps once and my mom was so ashamed she took us to the grocery store that was literally across the tracks instead of our normal store. The food stamps were actually my aunt's. My cousin was in a horrific car crash. Her brothers came to live with us while she was in ICU. This incident stuck in my mind. First, the utter shame my mom felt having to use food stamps. Second, that my aunt had them. No comments on this statement. I know my family, you don't.

Several years later, my mom worked nights at an ice cream place to make extra cash. 2 parents, 2 (and then 3) jobs, 2 kids. Thin dinners to be sure. But we made it. And I don't remember suffering at all during this time, just remember my mom working. And knowing her, with my adult take on this, it had to be Very Bad for my mom to work fast food.

So,...I got involved in the first post on VA with comments on the livejournal post. All I wanted to feel from the poster was humility. Be ashamed that you are accepting a handout, be grateful, and find a way to get out from the circumstances.

VA Starts It

VA Follow Up

Vodkarella, in case you don't wanna read VA

I think VA's follow up is very important to reiterate what a lot of people overlook both when discussing this issue, when chastising those on welfare and for those that attacked the chick-a-dee linked by VA. Shit happens. Really bad horrible shit. And when it does, thank goodness we have a fallback. But I still stand by my statement that you have to get yourself out of it. And I won't even start on the whole lack of savings in the U.S. and planning for said shit. Mostly because I would be saying stuff that contradicts with me sitting on my computer at home each day instead of taking that $10 an hour job over the hills and through the cacti. So, read this and get mad, but use your noggin. It is a good discussion that keeps getting rehashed over and over and over.

And hell, it is a lot better than listening to Bill O'Reilly and Geraldo get all pissy with each over about Paris F-ing Hilton.

EDIT: Please check out this little follow up edition between my BFF and I on this topic-o.


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