June 20, 2007

Reason #5 Why I Hate It Here

This. On my patio. Playing with my cats.


They reproduce sexually. Ouch.

Only a few species can kill me. Only the ones that live in this state. The antivenom is only in Arizona. Arizona is really far from me. Why is it only available in Arizona? What is so special about Arizonians? Damn you, Bill Richardson!

I am now itching all over. I want my man to come home and tear the damn thing apart limb by limb and then burn it. And then spray the ashes with the mildew remover that killed the biggest spider in the entire world earlier on the patio. And bring in the rugs that are drying out there, that are probably embedded with deadly scorpion eggs now....great....

And I just read . . . just because your cat was stung by a scorpion doesn't necessarily mean it will die....comforting.

omg...give me love bugs, 4 inch long water roaches, fire ants, and all the other multitude of Houston bugs. They aren't scorpions!


Kaytabug said...

Ummmm, yeah...yet another place on my list of places I never want to live! Thanks!

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