June 28, 2007

Today's Top Story

Good news day.

There needs to be sweeping reforms, but this isn't it.

Ha ha Crazy Joe! Your perfect little world is starting to implode.

On a personal note, I am just over halfway through Left Behind. I am deeply interested yet terrified. I think I watch a few too many apocalypse shows on National Geographic channel. I haven't decided if I will do a book review on it. This is such a heated yet highly personal topic. And since I am not sure how my own beliefs truly lie right now and where I will be at the end of the book....I am leaning towards no. Yet, there is much to be discussed and analyzed....not sure I want to do it here, however. I will recommend it be added to your Summer Reading List.

Peace out.


Kaytabug said...

I can safely say that if the world is going to end or mass hysteria will surely ensue, or outbreaks of who-knows-what.... I do not want to read about it before hand. I do not care to live in what-ifs, or wondering when it will all happen.

You can not live in fear.
Not saying that you are, but for me reading a book foretelling of our certain doom might make me a lil freaked out for a while and I would rather avoid it entirely.

I love ya!

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