June 4, 2007


A while back, we rented the movie, Idiocracy. I recommend it. I recommend that it be shown in our classrooms. I recommend that college courses be created about it. I believe that we should get rid of the various tests required to graduate high school and require an intellectual study of this movie instead.

The idea of Idiocracy is that far off in the future, Bubba has sired lots of kids, Bubba, Jr. sired lots of kids, and Bubba, III, sired even more. So in a couple hundred years, Bubba’s family tree is the largest branching tree in the world. On the other hand, Matthew (or James or Not Bubba) has delayed having children, his and his wife’s careers are very important, and they need to wait a few more years to start. They don’t have the resources just yet, but in a couple of years, they will start a family. And splat. Not Bubba dies. Eleanor, his wife, is now in her 40’s, childless and without a husband. Their family tree is non-existent. This continues on across society. And in approximately 2500, a WWF-esque President is in power. Carls, Jr. sponsors Congress. And society is well, royally retarded.

Ah well…. Now I look at Youtube…here ya go.

Here is the trailer.

After watching this movie, I was shocked that it had no presence in the box office. I don’t recall ever seeing commercials promoting it.

The concept behind the movie is what I have been worried about for years. Too many idiots reproducing, too few intelligent people throwing out offspring. Too many bad parents continuing to reproduce, while those people that would be excellent parents, either delay it, have a single child or don’t have children at all, thereby reducing the number of offspring born to intelligent folk.

For many years, while dating men just above Clevon’s level, I thought that I shouldn’t have children at all in this society that is quickly degenerating into chaos and stupidity. Now, dating a chess playing, Magna Cum Laude intellectual, not a beer-guzzling Nascar fan, I feel that I need to have a multitude of spawn to counteract the effects of the Clevon’s in the world.

And while I am at it, put this in your pipe and smoke it.

And this is why I am fearful of the continuing rise of Wally World.


Kaytabug said...

Thanks for the recomendation! It sounds great, I added it to my rental Queue. I have long thought that the ppl that arent that bright shouldn't reproduce.

Anonymous said...

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