June 23, 2007

Austin City Limits

According to PBS' website, ACL is shown across the world. Is this true? Please comment, I really wanna know about where you are at. I have lived in Texas since I discovered the wonderful world that is Austin City Limits. I was thrilled when I discovered that in Near Texas, New Mexico, they show it. However, I bet I am watching the PBS that is broadcast from Texas...so anyhoo.

As my ridiculous number of music loving posts show, I love music. There is nothing else that is so relaxing and thrilling all rolled into one big goopy ball of love than a live show. My absolute best time ever would be at a show. The test for my dates is exposure to a live show.

I was lucky enough to catch the last bit of tonight's ACL, Alejandro Escovedo.

It was just a matter of time before I posted about Alejandro. His music is just .....i can't even begin to think of words suitable. It goes from being jazzy, upbeat, funny to soul bearing, tormenting, tear wrenching. On Rosalie, talking of joining his love after death. Five Hearts Breaking, about divorce and the breaking of not only the couple's hearts, but the children's as well. And then sweet and tear wrenching on Your Wedding Day.

His website has a different song on each of the various pages. They start without warning for you work lurkers. The discography page has one of my favorite songs, Crooked Frame.

I am watching/listening to the ACL show from his MySpace page. Check it out. And if you decide early in that it just isn't your thing, please listen up until the instrumental part of the first song. Then think again. (There are just 2 songs on the clip).

I love the violins and the upright bass thingies or whatever they are. You know, I did drop out of my flute playing career about 6 weeks into 5th grade. I just don't know these things. I just know what I like and Alejandro is on that list.

Man, when I am in Houston for a couple months, that work business is really gonna get in the way of me catching up on shows.

P.S. This is from a post on his Myspace. I LOVE Castanets, K you may know it, I had it as the song on my page for awhile. Funny. I wonder if W likes Thrill Kill?

Cult rocker Alejandro Escovedo ended a self-imposed live ban on his song Castanets yesterday, two years after it emerged the track was on President George W. Bush's iPod playlist. Escovedo was astounded when it was revealed that the American leader had Castanets saved as a favorite on his iPod player in April 2005.

Despite his opposition to the Bush administration, Escovedo finally decided to perform Castanets at the Stagecoach festival in California on Sunday. He told a cheering crowd, "This is a song I fell out of favor with after it ended up on George W. Bush's iPod top 10 list.

"What sort of bad karma is that for that to happen to me. Anyway, he (Bush) is on his way out, so here it is."


Kaytabug said...

I know they show it in KS and have for as long as I can remember. Don't forget I was the abused child and PBS was one of my 4 channels growing up!

Sauntering Soul said...

I heart Alejandro Escovedo!!! I went to visit my younger brother in Lexington, KY about 2 years ago. He and the girl he was dating at that time said they wanted to take me to a concert. It was Alejandro Escovedo. I had never even heard of him, but instantly fell in love with his music and walked out of the concert with a CD. I don't think I've ever heard anyone else talk about him before you!

Fianna said...

Which CD? Not that I know of a bad one. I didn't realize there was a new one out until I posted this....gotta get it!

Sauntering Soul said...

Actually it was a tribute CD containing his music performed by other artists. Bummer I didn't realize it wasn't him before I bought it. I chalk it up to a blonde moment. I still like the CD though. If you want to look for it, it's called "Por Vida" and was released in 2004. It says that a portion of the proceeds would be donated to Alejandro's medical and living expense fund. Didn't he almost die from hepatitis or something like that?

It does have one song by him ("Break This Time"). Some of the other artists on it are Los Lonely Boys, Lucinda Williams, Charlie Musselwhite, Sheila E., his younger brother Javier Escovedo, etc.

Fianna said...

I have Por Vida! Definitely not my favorite, as there is just something about him and the strings that strike me. However, it is a great collection to see what songs you like.

I saw him at the Continental Club in Austin 2 years ago while the ACL Festival was going on. This was shortly after he returned to touring after his illness. He was still pretty weak, rested quite a bit. I was thrilled because it was a no-smoking show!

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