June 22, 2007

Friday Fumblings

My house is spotless. Well, mostly. For the past couple days, my BFF and I have been encouraging each other to step away from the computer and clean...or in my case, get onto the computer and post Ebay stuff.

I received some craptastic news yesterday that forced me away from the computer. It is amazing how much thinking you can do while you type along creating descriptions for items. And I didn't need to think. At all. Thinking = bad.

So, the two of us, states away from each other were scrubbing and dancing and singing and all sorts of dirty fun. I put my Ipod on my arm, cranked it up and scrubbed away. I have to admit, the first 6 months I live in a new apartment, I don't scrub much. It was cleaned so thoroughly by the last tenant in hopes of retaining their security deposit, that a cursory clean usually is enough. Of course, in this place, that was not done. We don't have security deposits, the employer of the snoozer pays the landlord, we just move in and dirty stuff up. So my apartment had a decent layer of soil I didn't feel like scrubbing at first.

But I scrubbed and scrubbed yesterday...on my knees scrubbing and the music couldn't keep my sorrow away. I broke down crying, on my knees in my foyer (hehehe hoity toity-ness, I have a foyer). Life sucks sometimes. Death really sucks every time.

When I wrote my Dad Day rambling, I thought of including my Uncle in it. I held off though as my Dad is awesome enough, he shouldn't have to share any space with his brother. My Uncle isn't expected to make it through the next couple days. The last time I saw my Uncle was at his daughter's funeral. The family gathering I referred to in my Dad post where the whole family went nuts and started screaming at each other. Yea, tons of fun.

This was, I believe, 5 years ago. So, when I saw him last, out of all the conversations we had in the 5 days I was there, the conversation that stuck out in my mind was this...after the burial, we went to a small country church up the road from the best place ever for a cemetery. So peaceful, quiet, absolutely gorgeous. Also the place where he flipped a VW bug when he was a young and reckless soul and nearly killed himself. And where his wife has since been buried and where he will join her shortly. Anyhoo, at the church, he gives me a huge bear hug and asks if I am going to be giving him any grandkids before he dies. I laugh it off, and tell him that I am not the married one, go bug my sis (she wasn't present). He responds, I don't care if they are bastards, I want some grandkids!

On my knees, scrubbing my floor yesterday, I fall apart from this memory.

Sorry, Uncle L, I was unable to give you what you asked for. But I love you so much. Thank you for treating me like one of your kids, all these years. I sure miss you and am going to really miss you once you are gone.

PSA: Don't smoke. Smoking has stolen my second Dad from me way too early. I am mad at him for this. He knew better. He is leaving ....4 kids, 9 grandkids, 1 great-grandkid, my sister and I, and my niece (soon to be 2 nieces) without his presence. Without his callous, rude, hilarious, loving presence.

I pulled myself together and was able to keep going and put it out of mind with some Rev. Do you know of the Rev? You need to know of the Rev!

It is kinda weird and kinda cool that people are getting to know the Rev from Guitar Hero...But, well, whatever.... Now go to Half or Amazon and buy Liquor in the Front. Do it. Now.


Kaytabug said...

I know the Rev. He is a friend of mine from since he was in seminary! I think Liquor in the Front is one of my all time Fave albums!

Guitar hero? WTF?

Uncle L and the Fam are in my thoughts

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