June 15, 2007

Glenn Beck - End of Days

We just finished watching Glenn Beck's show on Headline News. The topic was "End of Days", the end of time as prophesied in the Bible. First off, my dear grew up in an extremely religious family. His father is also extremely brilliant. One night on the phone they were discussing the origins of the Pythagorean theorem or why Pi is 3.143213254213 or why the pull of gravity on Jupiter is stronger than the jet stream. Something so far over my head it was about as far over it as Jupiter is away from my head. Point being, he grew up with these types of discussions. He is also very keen on politics. He reads Drudge constantly, chats on message boards, he is fanatical.

So while watching the Beck program he was able to further elaborate on all the topics to help his formerly agnostic girlfriend understand half of what was being discussed. He even pulled up wiki on Gog and Magog....man, this guy is brilliant!

Here is the transcript of the show. It is quite interesting with the rising (truly continuing) distress in the Middle East. As he is called around here, Crazy Joe. Israel and oh boy, what is up with Hamas and Fatah? The Israelis took their toys and went home, so the Palestinians had to start fighting each other.

There really isn't a point to this post. I just wanted to document this whole discussion because I want to read the Left Behind series and the Epicenter book by the other gent. Because I don't think I can finish Coulter's book. I have really tried to......


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