May 31, 2007

To Deceive/Omit or Not to Omit/Deceive

Another solution to the OMG! low pay that I have been told to expect doing temp work here, is to apply for a job like I do not have anything coming up, that I am available for permanent until I die employment.

This could get me hired quite quickly given the skill set I possess. At what I presume to be a (much?) higher rate. I would still prefer not to look to law firms at this time. Legal Eagles are a pretty tight group. I don't want to piss off one attorney and find out when I am applying to another position that I already have a bad reputation. I prefer to build that slowly and deliberately.

My dilemma I take the mercenary route and go for the most dough....or do I take the high road, spill my guts and take presumably lower OMG! pay?

Oh boy, do I suck at lying. Shoot, I suck at not telling everyone about the time I was in middle school and puked on Tobin's shoes at the choir concert. Or when I fell off the merri-go-round and broke my leg. Oh, and my middle school volleyball team, we called ourselves the Deadbeats, just in case you were wondering. is another interactive, audience participation post...WWYD?


Sauntering Soul said...

Hmmm, that's a tough one.

Since I also work in the legal field, I totally understand and agree about a repuation getting around rather quickly. Attorneys are definitely a tight bunch.

You only need this job for a couple (or few) months. Is that right? If so, I think I would consider the lower paying job if you can afford to go that route. Unfortunately, life is completely unpredictable and you never know when you might need the higher paying one. If you had the wrong reputation around town, that might be difficult at a time when you really need the money for day-to-day life rather than for vacation. (I didn't go back and read, but if I remember correctly, you're trying to make some money for an overseas vacation, right?)

I don't know, that's just my opinion at this very moment. If you ask me this tomorrow, I might say the complete opposite. This is kind of a tricky situation - 'cause extra spending money on vacation is a wonderful thing indeed.

I'm obviously no help at all. Don't listen to me. :-)

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