April 16, 2007

Why I Heart Austin

Too many people spread their love of Austin, Texas. I don't want to jump on the bandwagon. There are some things I HATE about the city, but there are things I absolutely love about the city. So I want to share those, because this is my blog to put crap up on.

Things I hate:

Traffic - The gubberment wasn't able to build freeways fast enough to keep up with the ridiculous amount of growth that this city has undergone in the past 10 years. Gridlock is re-dick-er-ous. A while back, there was a short-lived plan that showed a proposal for toll roads. They were going to make nearly every single freeway a toll road. While this would reduce traffic - perhaps - it is a bit crazy. Oh and can I just ask who thought of the I-35 split in the middle of downtown. All of a sudden the road splits into 2, 2 lane freeways, one on top of the other. I am extremely curious of how they are planning on doing the road construction to expand this. Yipes.

Grackles - These are horrible evil birds. Their primary residence, as far as I could tell during my brief residence there, is the Hyatt, the exact same place I had the pleasure to reside at during my stay in Austin. Sweet. For the record, I did NOT do this. I have a full alibi, for goodness sake. Although, I can't say I didn't celebrate. However, a word to the wise - do not park under a tree in Travis County. Never ever ever. Automatic car washes cannot remove that ... well...crap.

Parking - It stinks. Really bad. But, of course, this is just a difficulty associated with the ridiculous amounts of growth this town has undergone! Build a parking garage in downtown Austin. You will be a millionaire in a week. Or maybe two.

Things I heart:
Ok, first a disclaimer. I was working while I lived in Austin. I was in a hotel, working a re-dick-erous amount of hours. I am sure I have different views than others do of the wonderful things this town has to offer.

Thundercloud Subs. Robert Earl Keen has a song, Dreadful Selfish Crime, that says.."looking for the rain in a Thundercloud". All I ever think of is, mmmm, I really want a samwich.

Magnolia Cafe. Love Butter. Garlic Serrano. Need I say more. Except, more please.

Kerbey Lane. My almost absolute favoritest Austin restaurant. Portabella omelettes. I don't think I had anything except Portabella omelettes at this restaurant ever. (I hear their waffles are to die for though!) Yum. Yummy coffee. Waiters covered in tattoos and dreadlocks. Mmmm. They offer soy milk for their coffee. Nuff' said for those lactose intolerant readers - hmmm.

This is a bit outside of Austin. My love has a motorcycle. Take a ride on a bike out there and man, you will feel just like a Harley riding crazy biker chick. Yea, just trust me, just without the leather chaps. It is a gorgeous ride and the destination is well worth the wind blown hair and the wait you will encounter. I am not a BBQ fan really, but I was blown away.

While this is the restaurant section, I have to include Threadgill's. While I was never all that partial to their food, the stage!! Live music AND fried okra? Whoa. That is a bit much for my poor heart!!! Go for some meatloaf, sides of green beans and okra, get a Shiner. Listen to some great bands. Heaven? (And it was a block from my shelter, the Hyatt!)

Do you really want to see the best views of rich folk in Austin, do you wanna see a sailboat, do you wanna see bikers, do you want a really really good margarita, do you want to see your cute waitress run up and down 5 flights of stairs to get that rita? Then go here.

If I ever find myself on Death Row, Shady Grove is where my last meal should be from. Oh but what to choose - the Hippie Sandwich with extra pesto mayo? Bad Chili Dog? Grilled Wings with pesto ranch? OMG - the Airstream Chili?? Or - since I am already sentenced to death - Tortilla Fried Queso Catfish. Shady Grove was definitely the most visited dinner place during my stay in Austin. Kerbey Lane for breakfast, Shady Grove at night!

Just a few others, honorable mentions if you will:
Hut's Hamburgers
Hula Hut - Thai pasta, on the patio with a Newcastle....mmmmm.
Hill's Cafe - amazingly good steak and country music to boot! Sit in George Strait's booth!
Malaga's for breakfast!!! Yum!

And I would just like to state that if you want sushi, go to Houston. I searched high and low for good sushi. Nope, uh uh. Not in Austin!

This post seems quite long, could be my longest yet. And it centers on food. Well, not surprising. I have a few other things to say about Austin. The live music, the people, the city's individuality, the great bar scene, Barton Springs, bats,...but I don't wanna take up all the innernet space....


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