May 1, 2007

Where I Discuss Cat Puke

I don't have kids. I am pretty scared of having children since I worry about my feline kids so much. I have a constant fear that something will happen to them. In particular, one of my main fears is that Yoda will suffer from an esophageal separation resulting in death. (I am pretty sure this is an actual cat affliction. In my mind, at least.) She pukes. A lot.

Last spring when I was really fearful of finding her dead in the middle of a pile of regurgitated cat food and fur, I went in search of something to, once and for all, solve this dilemma.

I had tried everything. I brushed her with various cat brushes. I gave her special hairball eliminating treats. Fed her the Indoor Cat Chow. I held her down and put Vaseline on her nose. And ended up with it all over me. I was at a loss. But I had to keep trying because I would get so upset over the possibility of her yakking to death.

And look what I found:

I also found 3 other brushes and bought them all....but they can be found at a Goodwill near you. And this brush is the topic.
Because it is amazing.
And I love it.

I went home. Locked the cats in the bathroom with me and brushed away. Brushed and brushed and brushed. Until I had 2 big handfuls of condensed cat hair, red eyes, itchy nose and the cats each had multiple bald spots. Yep.

I have been brushing Yoda religiously for 3 days now. I only today thought about sharing this great item with you, my imaginary readers, or these pictures would have double the amount of cat fur.

Yoda: "I love you, Bamboo"

Yoda: "Mine."

Exhausted from the vigorous brushing and enthusiastic purring

Nice tile, huh? This is the most modern apartment complex in town. Check that.


Sauntering Soul said...

Bailey woke me up at 4:20 a.m. yesterday morning hacking up hair balls in the floor by my bed. I'm just glad it woke me up as I have begun my day by stepping in cat puke once before.

She about ripped my arm off the one time I tried to brush her. I'll just keep cleaning up hacked up hair balls I guess. I kind of like my arms.

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