April 12, 2007

Physical Fitness

I am a competitive soul. Not in the sense that I seek out competition. I was never very athletic, didn't play in sports in school. But if someone says something that has a bit of competition in the endeavor. Throw down the gauntlet, baby! Well, my dear love, said he would like for us to be able to run 5 miles straight by the end of April. Now by straight, I mean, keep that treadmill pumping baby. No slowing down to walk and gasp for air. Straight through until the 5 miles are behind you. Whoa. Are you serious?

After assuring me he was serious, and after I assessed the situation, I found that this indeed was a competition worthy of my efforts.

So we were steadily running. Doing 2 mile intervals without dying. Felt pretty good. Then my hip started hurting a bit. And then a lot. Yesterday was not a good day. I believe it is hip bursitis, which means that I have really pissed off my bursa. I am mainlining IB's and applying ice.

I went running after it was already hurting and I believe this is what pushed it over the edge.

So I am off from running. Yesterday I pretty much performed no real activity, unless crying is an activity. And sleeping.

I hope this improves. I want to continue with my Ebay stuff and need to go shopping this weekend. We shall see.

Any ideas? Encouragement? Similar stories? Just please do not say I am a wimp and that you can run 5 miles without breaking a sweat in high heels. Lie, if necessary!


Kali said...

Running 2 miles? Wow! I can't even walk 2 miles these days.

Thank you for visiting my blog. It's good to "meet" my audience!


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