April 11, 2007

So I tried once

I tried one blog before. Blogger ate it. Apparently it tasted like chocolate covered cherries. The url doesn't exist. My account told me to create a blog. I would have thought it was all an aberration. A figment of my overactive mind, but then Adsense approved my account. And you have to enter a blog address in order to verify that you don't discuss killing mimes and midgets. So, I did not make it up. However, the powers that be decided it needed to go. Damn you, the man is keeping me down once again.

Here are my alpaca friends.

These were posted on the blog I mentioned hereinabove. Maybe they are the reason for the censorship.

Must I only post pictures of horses that don't like humans?

But that isn't very friendly to the domesticated animals. Hence, a picture of a cat. In a pot.

And now, your day is complete. You have seen three species of animals in various stages of cuteness.


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