April 14, 2007

Up and At 'Em

I am up, official MST is 5:43 A.M. Eating oatmeal, drinking coffee. Heading off to the big city. Not sure if we will have the pleasure of having updated llama/alpaca/gnu photos today. I am in the big truck as my little car is at the airport driven by the love. Not sure about pulling over with a big honking truck. Much easier with the little Rolla. I am excited today because the big city is having their annual garage sale at a fairgrounds. First time visitor of course, but I love love love community wide sales. Always have! Even before the lure of printing my own money came into the picture, I was getting up early to go to Trade Days in the Houston suburbs. Which brings up one of the most difficult aspects of the shopping aspects of my job, not buying for self. I have bought myself a fair amount of items while I have been the Ebay maven. In fact, the clothes I am wearing today....My coat fetish has been fueled, my home has been decorated. All for pennies.

As I have mentioned, the desert is beautiful. No snow overnight. I am looking forward to watching a beautiful sunrise this morning.


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