April 17, 2007


I have been busy the past few days with my sales, which I am very happy about! I am really hesitant about joining the workforce again and would love to just sell online. However, if I can't make a decent amount at it, I am gonna just deal with it and get an 8-5. I am definitely not looking to make the equivalent of what a day job would pay, but at least 3x more than I am currently bringing in.

This morning is a perfect example of why the day job thing would suck. The man flew home yesterday evening. At 4:30 this morning, his alarm went off. (He sometimes gets up at 3AM!) I got up, made him some coffee as he was dragging, and boom I am wide awake. So I have been up since around 4:30 today. If I had a day job, I may kill him when the alarm goes off.

He will be home sometime between noon and 3 PM. So we will get to hang out all afternoon and evening. Perhaps nap :)

If I had a day job, I would work for attorneys. Most are grumbly all day as their normal status. They learn this in law school apparently. It has been my experience that they expect their staff to be bright and cheery and happy to do whatever inane, crazy, illogical or impossible things they request - with a smile. I would be grumbly and tired all day. If I didn't get fired, I would get home at 5-6 PM, be in a foul mood. Make dinner if we are lucky or (more likely) call for pizza and crash. This does not look to me like a nice lifestyle.

I love how life is going now, but in order to keep it how it is, I need to make more $$! My sales are definitely increasing, I am getting better at this whole gig, but I just gotta see a return!

The resume is still sitting on my desk in decent draft form.... but I have always been a glass half-full type of girl.


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