April 11, 2007

My Name is Fianna and I am a .....

Why do I need a blog?

1. I am bored.
2. My Myspace friends won't respond to any of my blogs or bulletins so I need to find a new audience. More friendly folk.
3. I need a place to share the photos I take.
4. I need a place to put all the cool links from cool sites to cool blogs to cool stuff because my friends must be tired of it.
5. It seems that by posting to a blog where people can come to or not come to, that I can do as I please without bugging people too much.
6. My friends sound mean after this list. They are not. This is all in the writing.
Speaking of which, this is my blog. If you do not like my grammar or complete lack thereof. Stop coming back.
Have you heard of stream of consciousness? I am not going to reread these posts for Emily Post. Nope.
And, hi, thanks for visiting. Check out all my cool stuff.


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