April 12, 2007

Tomorrow - that would be Friday the 13th

Well, my man, my roomie, my love, has done left town. He landed in Nashville a short time ago to visit some family that lives there. I hate sleeping alone now. Which is really strange because for a long time, I had a hard time sleeping with someone in bed with me. I would keep waking up. It is nice, though, to feel this way.

I am going to Big City #1 tomorrow for some Ebay shopping. Garage sale season is really heating up. There are alot of community sales as well, so it should be a success. On Saturday, Big City #2 is having a community wide garage sale at a fairground. I hope to get lots of stuff to post and make millions off of. Wish me luck.

What really kills me, all week, the weather is good. The weekend comes and it turns. Tomorrow is supposed to be really windy. Alot better than rain or freaking snow like last week!!

My hip is not nearly as angry today. I hope it survives this weekend's activities. I need to have a good weekend to increase my sales. This week's posts were good and hopefully will result in a nice finale, but I need to keep it up and make sales in the store.

The resume was prepared today; however, so the countdown to a regular ol' job has begun. I guess.... I am still only slightly motivated. I like my life. However, the stress involved in not having a steady income is wearing. I need to contribute more to the coupledom financially, before we have kids and/or move to Dubai, or Rio, or Switzerland.

So dear diary, wish me luck in all my endeavors.


Kali said...

Your beloved is visiting Nashville? Where do you live? I'm just outside Memphis myself. Yard Sale season has started up with a vengence. I have to get out there and start shopping!

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