April 25, 2007

What - A - Burger

For those outside of the South, I am sorry. Why, you ask? Whataburger.

Whataburger is only in the South. I originally thought it was a Texas only restaurant, until I performed my thorough research for this post. Whataburger has franchises from Arizona to Florida, although Texas is definitely their stronghold. I didn't know until now that they had a couple in my state. I always thought crossing the Texas border was the only way to get a fix.

The burgers are similar to Sonic, but better. Their fries are mmm....maybe closest to McDonald's but better. Their chicken strip dinners are equal to none. However, my favoritest item on their menu? TAQUITOS!! (Or breakfast burritos to those Yankees present!)

During my party-ing days, I was turned on to the glorious nature of taquitos at 3 AM. Now that I actually get them during daytime hours, they are every bit as delish.

As I have mentioned the male portion of my household works some ridiculous hours. He was out the door at 4 AM today. So when we moved out here, in order to properly be housewife-y, I wanted to ensure he received a good breakfast. After all, it is the most important meal of the day. My solution:


I made 15 today, in order to stock the freezer. 2 minutes in the microwave and a perfect breakfast is in hand. Yum.

This weekend, I also was able to obtain an item I have been looking for:

My FIL used to go to Whataburger years ago with his mother, chatting and drinking coffee. Out of Whataburger's nickel coffee mugs. I saw some at a Trade Days event in February, but did not get them because I wasn't sure if they would sell on Ebay. I told my man about them and he flipped! He wanted them for his dad. So, when I went back to that event this weekend, all I really wanted were these mugs. I didn't think they would still have them, but I was wrong! I have been told that Whataburger still fills the mugs for a nickel. I think I am going to win some points when his birthday rolls around...


Ray Fouhy said...

Hi Fianna!

Oddly Irish Name... (I'm Irish btw). Anyway, stumbled across your blog randomly as I too am addicted to Whataburger Taquitos and am desperate to make them at home.

Do you have a recipe you can share? I even contacted Whataburger hoping they would help though they wont reveal their 'Secret Recipe'. LOL

If you can help me out, I would be grateful. I can contacted on rayfouhy@gmail.com


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