April 23, 2007

Book Dealings

Every day, while I am working busily on Ebay-ing, cat herding, tea making, etc., I constantly check my RSS feed for Crazy Aunt Purl's latest post. She must not have slept at all last night because her post was up crazy early today. I know she gets 10K readers a day according to the Amazon description of her book, and I get 3 a day. But gosh darned it, I think if you know something good, you gotta share it. You have to tell everyone you know and love because maybe they aren't aware of how awesomer their life will be. Hence the Carolyn post. And I am sure there will be more recommended stuff posts. I have sent many an email to my poor friends to turn them on to whatever is my latest obsession. Now, I have you. And I share. And I love Laurie! So go see her. I don't buy books, that is what the library is for. And if I am feeling particularly lazy and don't wanna return books, I go to Half-Price Books. I never buy books at full price. But, I just did. Because it was Crazy Aunt Purl. I think I may try my hand at knitting again soon. She inspired me to try and well I failed, but she wrote a book. A book! I can barely write a post. Go see Laurie, and then visit my other links off to the left. But come back. I will be posting naked cat pictures later.


crazyauntpurl said...

I cannot thank you enough for such a lovely, lovely post. And you bought the book! I will coem to you house and sign it ;) hee.

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