April 13, 2007


I decided not to go to Big City #1 today. I stayed up late finishing "The Center of Everything" by Laura Moriarty. Highly recommended!!

So I am a bit tired today. After 5 hours of sleep, my alarm beeped like mad. I decided that since tomorrow in Big City #2 is going to be quite fruitful, or at least busy, that maybe today I should just stay home and rest the bursa. And sleep in.

So I must go to bed early tonight as I plan on getting up at 5 AM tomorrow. One thing I did not know when I moved into the state adjacent to Texas, is that the Mountain time zone begins on the TX-NM border. So, while this is quite nice for TV watching. We get big city channels from Texas and the NM stations. So, each night, I get 2 opportunities to watch any show on the major networks. Very nice. I hated waiting another hour when Heroes was on! Please come back soon Heroes! Tangent over, sorry.

The time change really messes me up when I go shopping. The big convention center garage sale starts at 8 TX time and the estate sales mostly around then as well.

And the entire reason I started this second post today....

Picture of the Day. The desert is amazingly beautiful. This is at Carlsbad Caverns.


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