April 22, 2007

Got Gas?

On my way to the big city Friday, I was thinking about blog posts. I needed something. Hmmm, my life isn’t all that exciting. I work on Ebay, I cook, clean and sleep. I need more things to write about. Then I get stuck in the mud . Which seems so passive. It is more appropriate to stay, I stuck my car in the mud. So there is a blog post. Bam!

Then life again happens. This morning, early for me, on a Sunday, 7A.M. An annoying beep wakes me. My dear has his alarm clock set on his 2 phones. They are recurring so they go off every morning, not knowing that it is the weekend and we DON’T want the alarm to go off. But I had asked him to please, oh please, turn them off last night because I was already woken up yesterday morning by the chirping.

Then he wakes up and we realize that this is not his phone. What is the stupid noise? I am a light sleeper and ticked off already so I get up. It is our Carbon Monoxide Alarm. He tells me to rip it off the wall and take the batteries out. I, little Girl Scout, I am. Exercising that levelheaded-ness I lacked in the mud incident, test it. Put new batteries in it. And it proceeds to scream a lot more. Every room of the house, it screams. Um, do we have a gas leak?

I promptly open the doors and windows to air out the place. The alarm shuts up. We move to the living room and sleep there. With the doors and windows open as to prevent a silent death.

We do have gas in our apartment. It powers the AC unit, so I turned that off. There are also gas hookups for the washer and dryer, but I don’t think they work. I turned off the air.

We haven’t called anyone, because well, we were tired. And wanted to sleep and not have the fire department traipsing through the mess. Keeping us from the important sleep.

I shut one door when I woke up, because frankly, I was cold. The alarm is still silent, I am alive, the boy is sleeping and snoring so he is alive. So do we do anything now? Do we blame it on a fluke? Maybe the cats were a bit gassy?


And Yoda is NOT gassy she would like you to know.


Sauntering Soul said...

Hi Fianna,

First of all, thanks for all of your kind comments on my blog! I had a problem in a former apartment with my carbon monoxide alarm going off and I eventually found out it was because the sofa was a little too close to a vent in the wall between the living room and the closet where the heating and air equipment was held. As soon as I moved the sofa away, my alarm never went off again.

Fianna said...

Thanks for the info, Bev. It hasn't happened again. So I am blaming the cats. It is definitely a reminder to change out the batteries often!

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