July 14, 2007

Work It, Girl!

I have officially completed one week of work. My first worky-ness in 2007, for the Man. For a paycheck.

I enjoyed it. I enjoy the challenge of a new task. I met new people. I wore new (to me) clothes.

I did not enjoy getting up early. Or going to bed at an assigned time. I did not enjoy having to be away from home all day. Or not being able to do what I wanted to.

I know it is time for me to buck up and work. I took a lot of time off from the standard workforce. While I was making a bit of money doing my Ebay thing, it wasn’t much. And truly, the money was just starting to be anything worth calling home about.

I can say that if I made a decent living at home, I would definitely opt for it. I have never been so keen on being self-employed as I am now. I get frustrated at work because I am not in charge, I am working for someone else, following what I sometimes consider to be stupid instruction, just to make a buck.

I will continue to work on becoming my own boss. Working on other ideas for making money on my own.

I love that I was provided the opportunity to take the last half-year to discover more about myself and test my own fortitude.

I am not one that is ever satisfied. I will continue to strive for something more. But not between the hours of 8-5.


Kaytabug said...

I am happy for you!

I will really miss our chats!


Jagular said...

We always called that "I just haven't quit the day job yet"

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