July 28, 2007


I am enjoying the quiet around my little abode. I miss my man, but it is nice to be able to lay around and do whatever my little heart desires. Which today has consisted of reading a book. Checking out books on Colorado for the upcoming vacay (see below). Visiting the wonderful world of Wally. Drinking coffee. I think I may go crazy later tonight and....wait for it....wait.....Go to.....wait........Arby's! Folks, the excitement in my world in small town New Mexico may get your head a-spinning.

So...is it wrong to enjoy being alone this much? I do miss him. And have a hard time sleeping without him. But I am a solitary individual. I could very well be a shut-in hermit. If I am ever left alone too long, you may want to check on me to ensure that I haven't taken in 30 cats and a pet rock. Because I am very susceptible to being a crazy cat lady.

One of the company wives was trying to reach me earlier, I am guessing to break me out of my hermit-ness or she may be lonely as the company is keeping her man quite busy. I, however, am perfectly fine to not speak to another human for the next 36 hours. Is this wrong?

So...Anyone have thoughts about Colorado? Since we abandoned the Euro-trip, we haven't decided on where to go for our vacation. In a week. He pooh-poohed the Go West, Young Man idea. And since East and South lead us to places that we either lived for 1/2 our lives or to where you need to have at least applied for a passport to enter, we are probably going North. Colorado here we come. Until we decide to fly to Chicago or DC or Kansas City or stay at home and put a kiddie pool on the patio and drink boxed wine and eat Gobstoppers for 2 weeks. Not that I am doing that for the next 36 hours. Just call before you come over, I may or may not need to hide a few things.


swamp witch said...

Hello Fianna ! Thanks for your visit to my little part of the World...Colorado ! Love your masthead/banner. I almost thought it was Colorado until I read more.
Is the coffee ready yet because I would love to sit and visit about where in Colorado you might enjoy. What activities do you like besides reading a book? When are you come to Colorado? For how long? I know some fabulous places but it all depends on what you like to do.
Just e-mail me and we can "talk."
Thanks for the 'side bar' mention. Come again sometime.

Sauntering Soul said...

Fianna, do not feel bad. I could go for weeks without talking to another human. Sometimes I just want to tell everyone I know to leave me alone. I did take a vacation week once and chose to stay in Atlanta rather than go out of town. I left work on Friday afternoon and I believe it was the following Thursday before I met up with anyone. It was one of the most wonderful weeks of my life. :) Of course now that Hot Brazilian is such an important part of my life (and because I think he's Hot) I might let him come around to see me.

I cannot help you on Colorado. I've never been. But I hear it's wonderful.

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