July 10, 2007

Ending to Austin

We arrived home from Austin late on Sunday night. Much to our surprise, we were happy to come home. Vacation is wonderful. Absolutely great. But you still like your own bed. And the cats were missed. And the mosquitoes were killing us. I mentioned that we geeked out on the twin bed. Did I mention that we also slept on it together each and every night we were there?

So yea, diets? Back on. In case we return to Austin and decide to shack up with that same buddy!

We accomplished all of our goals for Austin, except those water-related. Mother Nature hampered those plans, but that’s ok. I didn’t feel like shaving or scaring young children with the Great White Arse anyway.

I am a horrible picture taker on vacation. I forget my camera and then when I do remember to take it with me, I simply forget to take pictures. I am including each and every picture taken in this post.

These pics were taken somewhere in West Texas because I felt horrible that I didn't take any other photos. And I think the wind thingys are neat-o.

Our absolute best night was our final night. My dear knows how much I love Malaga’s. They are a tapas restaurant. Very classy, elegant, see and be seen type of place. Which I despise, but the food – stellar. The wine selection – stellar. I love the place!! We pigged and drank and discussed life. How we could return to Austin. What to do and where to go next. After dinner, we walked to a different spot. We had a few glasses of wine there while we continued to contemplate our future. It was a wonderful evening out together.

So...We are safely back home and have a Whataburger souvenir. And that is really all that matters in the end.


Kaytabug said...

Is the token from What-a-burger a "hot" item? So pretty much the only photo taken during your entire time in Austin was of the twin bed? Boy you suck!

You were having too much fun to take time to snap some photos!

I was reading that part abou the wonderful night all the while expecting to read that he finally proposed! It would have been perfect. I am starting to wonder what is wrong with him. He knows your the best! What the FUCK is he waiting for?!

Fianna said...

World peace?

JennieBoo said...

You're right! Your baby does look just like my bff's Yoda!

Love your pics and am glad you had a good time! The pics are GREAT!


Jagular said...

Who needs a proposal? You got a Whataburger!

Sauntering Soul said...

I don't think I've had a Whataburger since I was in elementary school and went to Florida with a friend of mine and her family. Sadly, I don't believe there are Whataburgers here in Georgia.

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