July 15, 2007

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

We attended our first Minor League Baseball game last night. They “feed” the majors. And they sorta suck. But it was fun.

First off, I was quite impressed with the stadium. I have attended an arena football game before in Lake Charles and I thought that stadium was going to collapse on us if someone yelled too loud.

I really shouldn’t be all that impressed since this is the same city that inspired Friday Night Lights. They are proud of their sports out here. Even if it is just pansy ass baseball and not a real man’s sport like Football.

Tickets were hella cheap. Beers were hella expensive, but they had Shiner, so I was happy. The weird thing about alcohol sales, at most sporting events, the cashier ID’s you, they ID your mom and your Great Grandpa Joe. Each and every time, even if they recognize you and joke and say “back already?”

Here….the cashier asked us for our stamp…..? huh? You have to go to the front of the stadium, hand your ID to an off-duty sheriff’s deputy that is severely pissed that he has to work at a pansy ass baseball game carding idiots. And then he stamps your hand. And then you walk back to the cashier to prove that you are of age and get your expensive Shiner. But, whatever, it was cold.

So the score was 16-8. Really freaking high for a baseball game. Their past scores seem quite high compared to the ‘Stros’….I dunno, arena football scores are ridiculously high too.

Now there are 2 extremely weird things witnessed last night. You vote on the weirdest.

Weird Thing #1:
Apparently these guys get paid very little. According to a Google search, they make $1,500 per month max in their first year and after that it is subject to negotiation, but no less than $1,500 per month. This excludes signing bonuses. Ok, I don’t know if they get paid this for just the season and have to go sell oil rigs for the rest of the year while practicing in the evenings. But yea, this is low. So, the practice is…if a player hits a home run, the fans wave a dollar bill, or more (especially for grand slams!) and the concession guys come around, collects them and gives the cash to the player. By the time the guy made it to us, he had a large stack and I thought about mugging him. But I may have spilled my Shiner, so I didn't.

Weird Thing #2:
The stadium was handing out baseball caps for the first xxx number of fans to arrive. We did not receive one. But who cares! We got the most awesome parting gift.

Who gives out loaves of bread at a baseball game?

This is who.


Kaytabug said...

#2 is the weirder thing in my mind... but I pick my nose... my weirdness level is higher than most!

Sauntering Soul said...

Bread? Strange.

The only minor league baseball game I've been to is when I went to see the Savannah Sand Gnats years ago. The most memorable thing about that game was not bread. It's the fact that they shot the fireworks off a little too close to the crowd. I had part of one land in my lap and let me tell you, that hurts.

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