July 17, 2007


I called my Dad last night. He asked what I was up to. I told him, just shopping at Walmart. And he asked for what.

“Oh, just buying stuff for your potential grandbaby.”

“We haven’t decided if we are going to keep it yet.”

The polite man that he is, didn’t say a word. Just waited for me to further explain.

He must have been shitting bricks. Or jumping over the moon. Either one, he didn’t say a word. Just kept quiet. That man is not going to die of old age, he is going to die from politeness.

I then proceeded to explain:

We found her Sunday night in our parking lot. She is about 4-5 weeks old. Weighs just a pound. I am thinking of calling her Lydia if we do keep her. Cuz she has kitty chla.my.dia.

So that evil sounding disease…in cats, is simply an upper respiratory infection. Can’t we call it simply feline upper respiratory infection? Or FURI for short? Are we really that short on disease names? They came up with freaking restless legs syndrome...come on now!

She sneezes a lot and has a pretty yucky meow for now. But the big concern is her eyes. One is really bad off, her left eye. Right now, we don’t know if she will end up being blind in that eye. The right one is healing up nicely and she is definitely able to see out of that one. Distances are a problem though.

She is doing much better. She was playful today when I got home from work. She is the most loving thing I have ever seen, but to see her play was great, as it is an indication she is getting better. I am sure to complain about this in a week when my hands look like Edward Scissorhands went nuts on me.

So, if you are the sort, pray for this poor kitty. She is blessed to have been found. And we are doing everything we can to ensure her health, but I am so very concerned about her eye.

And suggest a better name...I have been given the ixnay on Lydia by the masculine portion of this domestic partnership.


Sauntering Soul said...

Oh my goodness she's cute! Bailey was a stray too but the only thing she had was worms. I've now had her for 8 years and she's as healthy as a horse.

As for names, I'm totally drawing a blank.

Kaytabug said...

I'm still a fan of Lydia but I know I know... he says no...."Oh Lydia the Tattooed Lady.."

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