July 21, 2007

Kitty Schmitty

Who knew a tiny little kitty requires so much time….my week has been occupied with that tiny monster. She is doing much better. Her left eye still is bulging a bit (you can see this in the pics) I just can’t tell if it is ruptured or if it still has a chance of healing. It seems that she still has a bit of trouble seeing when we are 3+ feet from her and/or when it is low lighting.

She is also still sneezing, but this has slowed in frequency. She also has fleas. We dunked her once we realized it, but the simple antibacterial hand soap didn’t cut it and I am off to find some more potent stuff later.

She is running around the bathroom like a mad woman when we let her out of the tub. She definitely is feeling better and is acting more kitten-like. My hands are starting to show her “love”. However, once she tackles my hand, bites it a few times, she rolls over and wants her belly rubbed. She is still the most loving cat I have seen.

I have to give her amoxicillin and put ointment in her eyes 2x a day. She is getting smart to these treatments and last night’s dosing was a mess.

Off to find flea treatment and perhaps spend my day with goggles, a broom and a box of 20 Mule Team. Check this.


jagular said...

Wow, that really is a yucky looking eye. I hope she is able to see out of it.

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