July 1, 2007

Free Stuff is Cool

In my personal finance journeys, I started requesting samples on a regular basis. I love free stuff and trying new products is great! I can't say that I buy the product because I get a free sample. I am still a cheapskate and buy generic on most goods, but it sure is nice that Dove, Tide, Revlon and others send ya free stuff to pamper yourself!

My favorite sites are:

Absurdly Cool Freebie Finder

Fat Wallet Forums

Free Stuff Times

Saving Advice dot Com

I just stepped out of the shower after using Dove's new Cherry Blossom & Almond Scent Body Wash. MMMMMM..wonderful stuff. But way too expensive for me to actually buy. Samples are so nice.

Look at my stash:

I try to use my samples shortly after receiving them, but these have been tucked away in cabinets and forgotten. And sometimes you just have too many travel deodorants to use all at once. Point being, this is just what has been collecting, I have received 10x this much stuff!

I try to go through the websites once a week and sign up for all samples I WILL USE! I don't sign up for something unless it will actually be useful to me. Except for that one time I ordered saddle soap. I don't know what happened there!

I recommend you get a junk email address via Yahoo or Hotmail for submitting on the forms. You will get lots of emails from the companies, no point in junking up your primary account. The requirements for each offer vary, but usually you submit your address, email address, maybe answer a couple questions and the product is on its way.

Go forth and get free stuff, folks!


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