July 31, 2007

Meowing Mommy

Ya,ll…I have been feeling very mommy-like recently. This kitten came to us in such a state that she requires a lot of care, attention and general watching over. I gotta give her medication, check her eyes and ears, ensure she is eating, drinking, pooping, that she has learned to wipe after said pooping, although I am not sure how I would teach her to do so if she didn’t come with that knowledge already.

Now that she is feeling better, much more energetic, and since she has finished her dosings of antibiotics and is generally better, we are mixing her with the original cats. Who hate her. So when I am at the library Saturday, I also go to the pet section and read up on common reactions of felines to new home invaders. My cats are normal and I am doing what I should do with them. Tell them how much I love them and give them extra treats and basically kiss their ass. So…I am wiping one cat’s ass and kissing the other two.

Since the kitten is no longer locked in the bathroom, she is able to get into so many more things. She loves the taste of electrical cords. She loves attacking my feet while I am on the computer. She generally likes destroying anything she sees. So…Discipline is coming into the picture. She is getting knocked on her nose for all this misbehaving. She is learning “No” means Mommy is fed up and is gonna pick you up and proclaim you as devil spawn.

She is exploring this big new world we call our apartment. The other cats, after 3 days of her being loose, are at least staying in the same room with her. They still growl and hiss and run away if she dares to cross that invisible boundary where no feline under the age of 5 can cross.

But back to that mommy-ing and discipline. I have discussed Yoda’s puking issues. They haven’t let up. This morning, after the kitten slept with us all night from 9:00-6:00. (It has been years since I went to sleep at nine. Man that rocks!). She had some needs to address when she got up. She headed straight for the food bowl, litter box followed and so on and so forth. I get up and start reading blogs and making coffee. Because as another sign I am getting old, I am getting up earlier so I can have a more relaxed morning. I don’t really pay attention to all the noises around me, as kittens make a lot of noise. When I stand up to get my cup of joe, I see cat puke. Not that this is a strange occurrence. It is just like many mornings of the past 6 years of my life. Except kitten is eating it. Voraciously devouring regurgitated cat food. So I try to distract her with another item. Some other play toy. But she loves puke apparently. As I am cleaning it up, she is tearing apart the paper towels hoping to get another nibble. And Yoda is growling away. Constant growling.

And so I ask Yoda, “Are you mad that she is present or are you mad that she is eating your sacred puke?”

I voted on the latter.


Kaytabug said...

OH shit!! This is funny!!! You will be well prepared if the day ever comes to have human kids!

willowtree said...

You already know this, but everything you wrote, while being funny, is perfectly normal (hey maybe you should call the kitten Nermal, ha! I kill me).

The older cats will be fine once the kitten doesn't look so small, plus the kitten won't respect those invisible boundaries and will eventually wear the older cats down.

If you feel bad about whacking the kitten on the snout, try using a water pistol instead, that really gets their attention but it doesn't hurt them. And best of all you can do it from a distance so they don't even relate it to you. If water has no effect, add a little vinegar, that should work.

Megan said...

That picture is great! You can almost feel the hatred in the air. Mine still don't get along, but they don't fuss at each other either. There is hope. :)

Sauntering Soul said...

After reading this, I think Bailey will remain forever an only cat in my house.

Eating another cat's puke. Now that is gross.

Kaytabug said...

OK I was coming here to KICK YOUR ASS! but I read WT's comment and he made me all giddy laughy happy.
HE told me about Firefox, I know you use it but you never told me the benifits?! humph! You are lucky you are not coming here for your vacy cuz you... me... outside... smack down! boo yah!

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