August 30, 2007

Shop Local? Screw That

After countless issues of bad customer service, long waits and poor selection at the various merchants here, my dear and I have decided that while I am in Houston, we are going to start an import business. If he needs something, he calls me, I go buy it and I will mail it to him. It will save time, money but more importantly, extreme psychological distress.

I am probably already suffering from post-traumatic shopping disorder as I write this, I might need to sue. However, I know how slow the courts moved in Houston, and given that I can go to any store in Houston, buy an item and be back in my car in 2 minutes, where the same experience here would take 3.2 days, I might need to have my heirs handle the lawsuit for me. Would you be a dear and remind me to add that to my list of things to include in my will?

Call your friends that reside in small towns, see if they would like to start up an import business. Perhaps they need some new jeans, a weed whacker, a cute purse, a cat tree, Toblerone bars, etc, etc.

You too can stop small town post traumatic shopping disorder and countless frivolous lawsuits.


jagular said...

Your husband is brave letting you go to Houston. After posting those pics of the park, he should be worried that you'll move into the park here once you finally get here.

Tiggerlane said...

I used to live in Houston - you ARE taking your life into your hands!

Dallas has much better shopping - oh! And BTW, the meme is DONE! :-)

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