September 1, 2007


Within 24 hours, I am going to be packing up half my clothes, all my toiletries, 300+ Ebay items, 3 cats, 2 litterboxes and traveling for 12 hours. Sympathy, please.

I am dreading this. So, so much.

I have to clean the house, empty the fridge, wash clothes, load the car, and stop crying.

I have moved into a hotel once before for a significant time period. It sucks. And the thought of living with two cats in a hotel room for two months. I am shaking.

Oh, and two? Yes, just two. Cass is going to spend her fall vacation with my parents in their luxury digs in Dallas. Because the thought of 3 cats in a hotel room. Prozac? No, morphine drip, please.

So, I am taking the two bad ones, the undisciplined, not behaving and very much hating each other ones with me. I may be drinking as I type this.

I am not sure what the next few days will bring. Besides a lot of stress. A chance to see my parents after way, way too long. And a journey into downtown Houston with pissed off felines.

Think good thoughts please. I must be strong. I must get along. I must stop saying stupid song lyrics.


Kaytabug said...

Safe travels sweetie!
"On the Road again.Just can't wait to get on the Road again!"

Tell Mom and Dad HI for me!

Sending good, strong, calming vibes your way!!


Sauntering Soul said...

That pretty much sounds like hell to me.....

I can't imagine one day in a hotel with my one cat.

Hang in there and travel safely!

mjd said...

I hope that all goes well on your trip and hotel stay. In mid-August, you tagged me for a Stuart Smalley meme. If would like to take a peek, I have just posted my meme. Take care.

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