August 21, 2007

Do Do Do Do Do...I'm Loving It!

Still working on rising from the funk. And worse? I am a copycat. Thanks, Bev!

Things I am Currently Loving:

Homemade pizza. No worry that the pizza guy will a) think I am crazy for wanting cheese free pizza, and then b) pick off the cheese from the pizza because the pizza guy neglected to leave it off.

Not Craig. He is incredibly kind and loving to his crazy girl even after a ridiculously long day at work.

New Mexican Skies.

Viewing pics of Kitten (perhaps named Sophie, or Sofa, or Sofapilla) and comparing then with now.

Anticipation of meeting my new niece.

Clean sheets. It’s the small things, folks!

Thoughts of a new creative pursuit. Do I make an apron? Do I finish my 15 year old cross stitch? Do I dare try knitting again? I so sucked at that!

Kind words from innernet strangers in response to my funk.

Ebay sales.

Dreams of the future.

That the scorpion on my kitchen floor this morning was nearly dead. Which would add Orkin to the loving list.

Best friends.

That is a good start.... like a phoenix...I rise from the pissiness. Wait....that doesn't sound right....


Hootin'Anni said...

I think my tag completion just my cheer you up a bit! ROFL

I finished doing the tag I rec'd from you.

Drop by if you can.

I love the kitty. Looks like Sopapilla [pronounced soap ah PEE a] -- it's a sweet and sugary treat. And kitty is definitely sweet.

bohemiangirl said...

OMG! Your little kitteh looks just like mine. So, so cute and cuddly. So glad you're feeling better.

Kaytabug said...

LMAO!!! rise from the pissiness!!! bwahahaha!!! I LOVE YOU! xooxoooxxxo

Sauntering Soul said...

I need to "rise from the pissiness" this week too. I'm totally stealing that line from you and will use it proudly. And often.

Dallas Diaries said...

you sound happier! yay you. And btw the kitty is so darling!

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