August 25, 2007


Aren’t things so much cuter when they are small? A miniature anything is just freaking adorable. If I saw a baby scorpion, I would think AWWWW what a cute wittle bebeh scorpion. Just as I crushed it, burned it and spread its ashes on my doorstep as a warning to all the other cute little bebeh scorpions.

You simply can't resist the adorable-ness of miniatures!

But you know what is cuter and makes a person go AWWWWW twice as loud….a tiny thing that you feel sorry for. A poor little tiny sick bebeh anything.
So feel sorry for Poor Little Sophie, the relapsing queen. Yesterday, one of her eyes was a tad gooey, but ya know, maybe she stayed up late partying and was a tad hungover. I understand how it goes…. But this morning, there was no denying that we had a problem. Both eyes were gooey and the bad one was much cloudier than it had been just the day before.

As a result, today I have learned a few things. Vets won’t give you their precious meds without being a patient. Even just penicillin and some eye goop. Damn licensing laws.

Further, you can’t buy simple meds like penicillin and eye goo online (or at Walmart!) without a prescription. I did find one Canadian site where I could get the eye goo, but it would take too long to arrive.

I wasn’t able to squeeze the poor little sad bebeh into the one open clinic. However, after much begging, crying and perhaps a small payoff and promise of future offspring, I was able to obtain some eye goop from the previous extortionist veterinarian poor sickly pathetic weak Sophie, visited. The vet thought the deal of future red headed children was sweet enough that she helped me out even though the clinic was closed.

And now, icky little baby Sophie is in the isolation tank that is our bedroom. The lights are dimmed for her poor sad little eyeballs. Or perhaps because the roof leak is back. Either reason, the lights are out.

She is missed by all members of the household, especially the hungry ones:

Get Well Soon!


Kaytabug said...

Awww she is too cute!!! I do feel sorry for her...esp since Cass is trying to take her Grover. Cass isn't playing fair! You just don't take a baby's lovey.

bohemiangirl said...

Poor Sophie. I hate it when my animals don't feel well, I feel so helpless. I hope your little girl feels better soon. Sheesh. Could I have used the word 'feel' any more in this comment?

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