August 10, 2007

Final Chapter in Where in the World is Fianna?

Alright, so we first went to Santa Fe, then to the Grand Canyon. After that we hit the Hoover Dam. And well, since we were headed straight for it, we hit stop number 4. And stayed there for 4 days.

I have been wondering what to do with this clue. Should I even make it a WITWIF? Should I make you guess the hotel? Should I ask how much money you think we lost….or won? Should I take a poll on how much a Vegas lap dance costs? Should I take a poll on who believes that Elvis married us? Which is a real lion? So many potential questions.

So, I turned to the trusty WWW and found this:

Bugsy Siegel named the hotel we stayed at after the legs of his showgirl girlfriend.

Which hotel did we stay at?

And you can guess at the other questions, too. I may or may not answer them.


Kaytabug said...

The first PIC did it for me I didn't read barely glanced at the ones to get to the comment button

You are in VEGAS BABY!!! I LOVE Las Vegas!!! I left it open in my last comment "Hoover dam is the gateway to..." Woo HOO!!! now I am off to read your post! Love you!!! xoxox

Kaytabug said...

ok ok so I made a fool of me but I do know the hotel its the Flamingo!
You did not get married my Elvis or my cell phone would have rang...
Did you really see a Vegas lap dance???

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