August 23, 2007

Desert Oasis

If I haven’t disparaged my current residence enough, let me just say once again that I am in an oil town. The places where oil is found are not pretty. Dinosaurs left the pretty green areas and found barren wastelands to die in. They knew the end was coming and started walking until they found flat, cactus ridden, brown areas and only then did they succumb to death.

The town itself is not wealthy. Those that come to pull the dead animal juice from the ground take the money and split, going back to places where trees dwell. The lifers here are not very well-off and so the town doesn't have pretty well-manicured subdivisions. Or even pretty well-manicured trailer parks.

In my attempts to rise from the pissiness (and fatness), I have gone running the past 2 days. At the one spot in town where green is found, where trees grow, where I pretend to be Elsewhere. This golf course/park/recreation area is one area in town that is pretty. The grass hasn’t been snuffed out with rocks, the cactus has been cut back, and the tumbleweed carcasses don’t litter the fence lines.

There's No Place Like Home. There's No Place Like Home.


Kaytabug said...

Those are beautiful!!! I bet you can guess my fave 2 pics!!! OKay so I have 3...
LOL, the first 2 letters in the verify is OZ!!!

jagular said...

Oh, how cool.
That looks a lot like some of the parks around here.

Fianna said...

Jag: You don't have to remind me. 2 weeks and I am there! I think I will be running Memorial Park if I decide to get my fitness on in Houston.

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