August 18, 2007


As you get older, your friends thin out. The things that you had in common, school, classes, boys, love for the mall, begin to fade. Your common links become less and less.

Yet it is so hard to let go, to separate yourself from this person you called your best friend, your good friend, your buddy for so many years.

But I have moved past wanting a vacuous relationship based on a common interest in Macy’s shoe department. I don’t care to discuss ad nauseam what he means when he calls the day after you put out but doesn’t want to get together until 2 weeks from Friday.

I don’t want to go have over-priced margaritas while we talk about how that bitch you work with wore an outfit that didn’t match and she will probably get promoted even though she doesn’t deserve it, just because she has big tits.

I want to move past that, I want to grow up. I want to talk about our dreams for the future, how to save enough money to buy a house, how we are sick of boys and want to be treated right and find a man that is ready to settle down and buy a dog and watch CNBC with.

I would rather get together for an inexpensive meal at my place and watch a movie, than go get our drink on at the local meat market.


How do you transform an early 20’s friendship into a mature one? How do you not leave your closest friend behind when you have moved past their greatest interests?

Can you walk the fine line between the two?


Willowtree said...

Fine! I'll find someone else to talk too!!

Fianna said...

WT: Has he called yet?

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