May 8, 2007

Here Comes the Sun

Today is a rainy day. I love the sound, smell, feeling of rain. Except when it comes through the roof.

Last week, we found that the roof was leaking when we were going to bed. I walked into the bedroom, found a huge wet spot on the bed in the corner where the cat normally sleeps. At first I freak, what is wrong with my beautiful kitties that they pee on the bed! Then, I bravely smell it. Nope, not the cats. Ask the love, did you spill something on the bed? Nope. He points skyward. Ah...the light fixture. Shit.

We try and reach the apartment management throughout the next day. Their working hours consist of something like 1:21-1:24 daily. Well, we never got them. The next day, I call again, leave a voice mail. (Which has still never been returned btw) And then decide to call the emergency maintenance line. Speak with maintenance, he says he will see about it. Nothing for the rest of the day. About midway through the next day, I call him back. He advises me that the manager said they had to wait until it dried out to do anything. Ok. Fine. We are in the desert. It doesn’t rain much. I can be patient. These are the same people that took over a month to address a water leak under the sink that had completely rotted out the wood underneath. And then repaired the moldy wood, with bleach and a new piece of wood. Oh no, not removing the moldy wood, just putting a new piece of wood on top. Um. Not cool.

These are also the people that told me that if the USPS, Fed-Ex, my mom, drop off a package in the office, they will accept it. But they have no obligation to tell me that it is there. They can accept highly confidential documents from Busy Law Firm, but be responsible for them? Pwaah. They are also the guys who were too busy to fix the A/C. The lawns needed mowing! Come on now, do you really want the grass to get out of control or get heat exhaustion. Quit yer bitching and start sweating.

But yesterday, I am plugging along on Ebay, and I hear that there is a 50% chance of rain. I call maintenance man again. I say that I know he is under orders to wait until it dries out and the lawns really need mowing and wow, look at all the edging that needs to be done around the complex, but um, my roof, still leaky…water + electricity not good. So…please fix. He isn’t all that reassuring, stating he will look into it. I have heard this before…. After discussing it with the love…I write a friendly letter and drop it off in the apartment office. When I give the letter to the assistant manager, I reiterate that it is supposed to rain, and well, there is electricity involved. Electricity,…water…fire? Um…possibly?

Yes, I expected them to come out. Did they? Nope.

So it rained last night. Thunder made me jump out of my skin in the wee hours. Followed by an intense dread when I heard the pounding rain. And this morning. Not a drop of water. Did they fix it? Did they sneak up on the roof in the middle of the night and put a tarp down? My guess is the mold just blocked all possible entry points.

Or, bird poop.


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