May 22, 2007

I am working very hard at not working recently. Things I have accomplished during the past 3 days:

1. Clean apt. a bit. (This means the living room...)
2. Really break the closet.
3. Made a beautiful pillow for my couch to relieve some of the brown-ness up in Herr.
4. Cleaned picture frames I bought at a garage sale and hung them.
5. Figured out that you can upload pics to Walmart's website and order prints for said picture frames. I have uploaded. Gotta figure out which pics go where.
6. Repainted toe nails.
7. Sold a single magazine for $75.
8. Broke a printer cartridge.
9. Watched the season finale of Heroes. Very disappointed.
10. Received an awesome gift from my oldest friend.

Whew. It is really hard to look for a job when you have so much stuff going on! My dear looked over my resume last night and I have made a few revisions today. I can't print it out because of said dead cartridge.

I have taken a few pictures for this weekend's Ebay posting.

I am gonna make a second pillow tonight, after my hard-working hours are completed today. Meaning once I get tired of reading blogs, Ebay forums and CNN.

I am ready to go back to bed folks. This day has been exhausting with all this worki-ness.

And make biscuits.


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