May 19, 2007

Utter and Complete Mayhem

Have I mentioned my Type A personality? Have I mentioned my clean freak nature? How about that I am a Virgo?

If you know the type, know me, know your Zodiac traits, you will understand why I am going completely freaking batty.

Exhibit #1

My living room.

Exhibit #2

The "Office" or the "Other Bedroom" or the "Crap Room".

Exhibit #3

My bedroom.

So let's start off with #1. My dear is building a new super bad-azz gaming computer. He got most of the parts in yesterday via UPS. However, Fed-Ex apparently had yesterday off. So the power supply is in Ft. Worth. I really would like to drive to DFW today and pick it up so the mess can be cleaned up. The rest is completely my fault. Ebay, Self magazine, cat bed that I picked up at a garage sale.

#2, well this is where I usually am ok with a mess. This room catches everything. So I can ignore that room because I can bask in my clean living room, or chill on my bed.

#3. If you have read anything before this, you would know how much I adore my apartment. It has kicking brown carpet, brown linoleum, a leaky roof, a moldy board under the sink, bird crap, and a few other very nice accoutrements. And....the latest and greatest feature, a broken closet shelf. This happened a week ago. We found it, moved a few things, looked at each other and simulataneously agreed to deal with it at another time. Well, that other time hasn't happened just yet. Maybe next week. So, in the meantime, this is my bedroom.

I honestly walked into the bathroom last night and took a deep breath.....ahhhhh a clean spot. I felt my stress level decrease a tad....but I couldn't stay in there all night.....but if I can't get this mess of a rundown apartment cleaned up soon, I will be living in the bathroom. May I just thank God for my laptop.


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