May 24, 2007


I found this link from Violent Acres quite amusing…and true.

Human nature captured in funny bits about monkeys throwing poo. And killing Frenchy.

I know that I am down on the area where I live currently. So maybe that is why I related to this article. Or maybe my town is full of feces flinging jerks.

This town is made up of people that were brought here by oil companies to pull the remaining bits of fossil fuels out of the ground. A great majority of the people here are not from the area, have no ties to it other than their paycheck, and do not plan on staying here long. I am a full-fledged, card-carrying member of this group.

The problem with this type of group makeup is that people don’t feel responsibility towards each other, they don’t feel a sense of community, their Monkeysphere does not include their neighbors because their neighbors are loud, take the good parking spot and they won’t be neighbors for long so who cares if I piss off my neighbors, I will be outta here soon enough. They don’t feel a need to help anyone out, they don’t care to return their cart to the front of the store, they don’t care if they run that red light, they don’t care if they litter. They don’t need to be kind, considerate or even just not flipping rude.

When we first moved here, the dear parked his motorcycle in a regular parking spot for a couple of months. We were going to take it for a ride one day, and found that the handlebar was damaged. It was apparent that the bike had been knocked over and then put back up. Who knows who did this, as the monkeys feel no need to confess, they will be moving on anyway and how stupid are we to park a motorcycle in the parking lot. Now, the bike is moved into the front of a parking spot and I park my little go-cart in the spot with it. We have taken my car places a few times to come home and find someone else has parked their car in that spot, where, if they pulled in an inch to far, they would knock over a heavy-ass motorcycle that probably costs more than their car. Several different people have done this. Damn inconsiderate (and stupid) in my book.

Maybe this one is my fault, I am a bit shy, but I smile, I say hello to all my neighbors each and every time I see them. Out of the people who live in the immediate area around our apartment, one has introduced himself. One says hello back to me. The others don’t even acknowledge I have said a thing. This has gone on for 6 months. But then again, maybe my town has an unusually large deaf population.

I am not going to rehash the apartment business. I do however feel that this is part of the Monkeysphere complex. We are in corporate housing and will be moving on, why treat us with any respect or fix a problem we may have. We will move on soon enough and get out of the fringe of their sphere.

I am used to living in both a big city and a small suburb of the big city. I am appalled at the unfriendly nature of people out here. I smile at people, I say hello, I say excuse me, I step out of the way. More often than not, these common courtesies are not returned. I truly thought a small town would be more friendly than a large city. I was wrong.

I don’t have any thoughts on correcting this, or making my town a friendlier, kinder place. I am just going to contribute to the problem and stay inside my own Monkeysphere. I will continue to smile, and say hello and practice all of the common courtesies I was raised with. Not because I am trying to change humanity. Just because it is the right fucking thing to do.

Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to read my rant. Have a nice day.


Kaytabug said...

Small towns ARE more friendly than big cities. You said why the sm town you are in now isn't friendly, "no sense of community" due to having" no ties to it other than their paycheck" Keep up with your small town manners, dont let this place change you!Every town sm or lg has its rude ppl,even if they aren't short timers, who care not for the community or it's ppl.
BTW your most welcome for your dose of laughter medicine!

Sauntering Soul said...

I've never lived in a small town but I always thought they'd be so much friendlier than Atlanta where I have lived my entire life. This makes me so sad for you. I'm sorry you're not happy there. How much longer do you think you'll be living there?

Fianna said...

We are here for a minimum of 18 months, so we are 1/3 into the sentence. Pray for promotions!! And rising oil prices. I smell money!!

(This area smells frequently, due to the oil...whenever we catch a whiff...that is our line...I smell money!!)

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