May 17, 2007

Say Anything

After typing in my last post how I love songs that make me learn the little intricate portions of the songs, I went and found the song that really made me think about that...In Your Eyes, from Say Anything.

Oh, Lloyd....

Here is another of my favorite scenes, at the graduation party, Lili Taylor (Corey) is going to play all 63 songs she wrote about her cheating ex, Joe, who came to the party with Mimi - Chynna Phillips! It doesn't include "Joe lies.....when he cries.....when he cries....."

This is the version I have on my Ipod, I know every second of this song by heart, including all the extra stuff after the 7 minute point. I wail it out along with the song, including Jean Claude's keyboards and Papa Wemba's monkey noises,

This weekend, we were laying around being lazy post-wisdom tooth removal. The male portion of this household had the remote and just happened to flip on to Say Anything. Without a word, he put the remote down. Grabbed my hand during the breakup scenes and at the end with the jail scene, where I still cry. I love that man!!


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