January 4, 2008

Stubbornness or Insanity?

Is it stubbornness or insanity that caused me to drag a mattress up 2 flights of stairs. All by my lonesome. The day that a cold, delivered by the sweet kisses of a baby, kicked my ass.

I could have called friends for help. My landlord offered to help me move things if I needed help. I have neighbors that I could have called on. Hell, I could have hired someone to do it for me. I could have done many different things than do it all by myself.

I look back at it as insanity.

But it felt damn good to stand there, after I pulled that damn thing for 20 minutes up 24 individual stairs, raise both hands, flip off the mattress and declare, "You Are My Bitch".

Yes, I said that. To my mattress.


Jagular said...

I see it as neither stubbornness (I love that word, with its three sets of double letters) nor insanity, but rather as self respect. That is, doing the job that needed done.
The mattress needed to go upstairs. The way to take it up the stairs was to take it and go up the stairs. You did what needed done.

Good job.

Kaytabug said...

I thought I was your bitch! :(

Sauntering Soul said...

You go girl!

I once moved a box containing an entire surround sound system up the stairs into my old apartment for my ex (it was a gift for him so I didn't want him to help me move it and see what it was). I'll never move anything heavy up a set of stairs by myself again. I thought I was going to pass out before I finished.

Fianna said...

Jag: Thank you! I am a bit stubborn in doing things all by myself. Self respect is such a better term. And it was better than sleeping on the stairs.

K: Of course, you remain my bitch.

Bev: I nearly did pass out. I coughed up 1 3/4 of my lungs. But I slept so well that night. The air mattress is history!!

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