January 20, 2008

Kiva Repayment

I just received notification that one of the people that I lent to on Kiva.org has repaid her loan. Once the loan has been repaid in full, your contribution (typically $25.00) is available to withdraw, re-lend or to donate to Kiva for their operations.

The loan that was repaid was to Mireya:
Mireya is married and has a 16-year-old daughter. Her husband is a construction worker, and she started her business because his salary couldn't cover the household expenses and she wanted to educate her daughter. So she decided to help her family out by opening her small convenience store 11 years ago, and little by little her business and her clientele grew. Now her product line has increased and she hopes to see continued growth.

Mireya is requesting a loan of $500 to invest in her business, specifically to enlarge the store to better accommodate her customers and increase her sales by offering new and varied products. She plans to repay the loan within three months. She and her family are very grateful for your support.

She repaid her loan timely and in doing so, freed up that $25.00 to be loaned to Alejandrina:

Alejandrina is 45 years old and sells cattle in the Villa Verde market. She had four children - one is 16 years old and studies, another is 19 and drives a motorcycle taxi, another is 21 and is studying and the oldest is 23 and helps his mother in the livestock business.

The business consists of buying and selling cattle. The purchases are made in the small villages near Montero and later the livestock is sold at the Villa Verde market. Alejandrina has 4 years of experience in this type of business. There is average competition in the business, but Alejandrina has some steady customers in the market who buy livestock. The prices vary according to the animal´s weight, as far as pigs, the prices also vary according to the weight.

Have you joined Kiva yet?


Jagular said...

It's always such a great feeling when you loan the same money a second time. That's when the "perpetual" nature of Kiva comes into focus.

Sauntering Soul said...

I've been thinking about doing this for a while now. You might have just pushed me into finally making a decision.

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